Lazy Sundays

Apr 27, 2009

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(Tshirt: Bench Bamboo Silk, Skirt: Local shop; Tights: borrowed from my sister; Shoes: Anica; diamond/blue jade necklace from Panopio jewellery)

Although summer is my all time favorite season, there is something comforting about the cold, especially on lazy sundays. Coffee tastes better, the walks enjoyable and time just passing by langurously. Finally, it was cold enough to wear some tights and brought out this poufy ballerina skirt in an attempt to look youthful lol. Worn with bench bamboo silk t-shirt (the silkiest shirt there ever!) and a peacoat. Thank you sweetie for taking my pics :) and a big thank you to all who commented on my last post.

Have a nice week ahead of you!


Denise said...

cherie your outfit is so chic. i love the orange pop! so cute!

wow i miss baguio. I've got some more baguio pictures i haven't yet posted. grrrr. am bad.

well i didn't know there's starbucks in Baguio. Saan kayu natambay usually?

btw i love your hair. Do you set it? looks sexy!

modern antoinette said...

I love the shape of this skirt...simply adorable!! The cake and latte look so yummy and are making me


Fashion Moment said...

Delicious, delicious post! You look great, and your shoes are so lovely!


Hanh said...

wow, beautiful place. Coffee is perfect for cold day. you look lovely.
Btw, thank you for siviting and commment.

Eden said...

hello gorgeous cherie!

your outfit today is baguio perfect! i love the poofy skirt (its totally a la mode these days), the tights and the peacoat! tres parisian chic! and you pull it off so well.:)

much love


Rebecca Rose said...

Aww I like your blog, the dresses are sooo cute. I hope to go to Baguio to when I go home soon :)

Can we exchange links? Im adding u now :). Take care beautiful!

che idrees said...

Hey Ms.cherie :)

i love your outfit.. akala ko nasa london ka din.. hehe! :)
i miss baguio..i am sure nag enjoy kayo ni hubby... :)

thanks for the comments ahh..!


Noelle Chantal said...

ay i miss Baguio looking at your photos. your outfit looks really chic, Cherie! the ballerina puff skirt in orange is really great on you. and those tights with contrasting gold flats is perfect! :)

and oh i like your butterfly necklace too and the color of your hair is very nice, great on your skin tone too. :)

Ariella said...

Cold? It looks like a nice and warm day, haha. You look lovely! I also really like the scenery :)

The July Girl said...

It does look like spring! Cute outfit!! I love the skirt.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Lovee the poofy skirt. That coffee looks amazing

Dani said...

This has to be the most beautiful Starbucks ever!!
Thanks for the lovely comment.

Dane said...

My fave spot for photo shoots! What a pretty skirt =)

Y said...

Wow..the place looks beautiful!

Frou Flu said...

sigh i miss that bit in baguio. my friends and i used to go to that very same starbucks everyday when we were there.. cute outfit by the way:)

Anonymous said...

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