Apr 10, 2009

Today is Good Friday, a time for reflections of the year past. My mom has always said that we must attend church and be still that day to respect the solemnity of the occasion. Yesterday was the start of the long weekend and I traveled to be with my Grandma. It's always nice to be with your family, knowing that whatever you do, you can always go home to them and be loved. So my resolutions for this year would be:

1. Be kind always. Because every one of us needs a dose of kindness from time to time.
2. Be less angry. It is not productive.
3. Always say thank you for every little blessing that comes.
4. Say I love you to our loved ones. Sometimes, actions are never enough.

Whew, it honestly took a lot to type and internalize these things but thinking about them made me feel so much better. :D

On another note, I confess that i have done something very enjoyable today (Mom if you're reading this, you know how much I love beaches, we enjoyed the day serenely :). My cousin tagged along with me to a beach just 15 minutes from my Grandma's house. It is a beautiful beach, largely unspoiled by commercialism and the population.

(click on the pics for a larger view)

The good: gorgeous weather, cool and clear waters, an unhurried time of a holiday.
The bad: i didn't bring any of my swimsuits as I've planned to only stay for a few hours. So no outfit post for now :D But I will sure go back and wear my missoni inspired outfit that I have been saving for such a perfect beach.


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