Mar 9, 2009

Every year, the city of Pines celebrate their season of flowers during the month of February. It's a festival with lots of things to do and see. They parade floats full of flowers like this, similar to those of Rose Bowl of California:

Some of the shops selling their wares around the main street. I got shell bangles, wood bracelets and a capiz shell necklace for summer. Affordable too!

Some scenes from my early morning walk.. I went back to the hotel after taking the picture below because my skirt was billowing like crazy from the wind!

Me wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs blue polka dot dress.

Meet my friend, MC, who wore her floppy hat she bought from one of the stalls.

My favorite sandals have broken down along the way so I popped by the nearest mall and got a shoe similar to my worn one. The problem is, the cork wedges were more teetering than my previous one, so I sighed, closed my eyes and bedgrudgingly bought an abaca low heeled sandal. There goes my two month shoe ban. But hey, those doesn't count I think, they were a real fashion emergency ;) lol

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