Upping the ante

Mar 18, 2009

Last weekend was a dear friend's birthday and she is turning 26. Upon completing a customer profile at a store, we realized, quite sadly, that we have to tick the second age bracket. It dawned on us suddenly that we are not the youngest girl on the dance floor. When we went out that night for drinks at Fiama, the place was full of 16 year old girls in short short minis while we quietly sipped our vodkas. We were dresses quite conservatively somehow, me in my green Pucci and my friend in a little black dress. She suddenly complained: "I knew we had to dress sl*ttshly tonight".

Well, what were we doing when we were 16? We didn't go to clubs, we were holed up in our dorm rooms trying to study. It was only during our very early 20's that we went out. But that was also because of the financial freedom brought on by jobs. We could now afford to go out and be dressed to the nines but we also have to up the ante because kids nowadays grow up faster and they have the advantage of youth. I remember when I was in my teens that I could go on having an all-nighter without having under eye circles or no matter how I forget to wash my face before going to bed, it would still have this radiance that only teens have. *Big Sigh*

Enough of the backstory, quite long isn't it? My friend browsed my camera and pointed out, "you should have worn this":

The dress is from local label Plain and Prints and I originally bought this for my birthday last October. I thought it was quite too much for a bday lunch and I haven't really found the occasion to wear this to. The shape and fit is quite nice but the tulip shaped bottom makes it a little hard to wear without looking bottom heavy. Bah, what am I complaining about. I have no hips! lol.


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