Thrift Shopping

Mar 12, 2009

Here in the Philippines, there's a whole culture out there of thrift shopping. Especially for clothes and shoes. Sometimes it becomes a competition with people lining up for goods on the first day. What they do here is that the seller gets your number and sends an SMS when the goods arrive. I tried once to beat the competition by being early 30 mins but all the good dresses were gone! So I usually go back a few days later when the prices are lower and what do you know, sometimes I get lucky! Yesterday, for roughly 800 pesos (~20 dollars), I got 2 shorts, 3 skirts, 3 blouses and one dress. I went home giddy with joy lol. So what I wore last night was this Marc Jacobs kimono (?) blouse I thrifted (hmm, must be my lucky day, it's a very rare occurence you get designer labels). I saw this hanging on the rack for months now. I guess the loose shape makes it hard to wear.

blouse - Marc Jacobs

leggings - folded and hung

shoes - SM department store

I only need a headband around my forehead to make it look like im paying a homage to the 80's

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