Mar 19, 2009

Kahel means orange, either the color or the fruit itself. Funny how at different languages, the word orange will always mean the fruit AND the color. Now, I don't have much of orange in my wardrobe but when I saw this dress, I didn't let go of it. I found this at a bargain center and it was the only piece they have on sale. The dress makes me want to run off to the beach (it's only an hour from where I live or two hours if you want to do some surfing). I also love the fact that I made use of the wooden and shell accesories I have bought during the start of summer.
On another note, I have to stop looking at the camera when taking my self-portrait. My pictures in my blog look like a scrapbook I think. Of me haha.

Dress: Ysa
Shoes: Naturalizer
Accessories: Local artisans


Alice X said...

what a FUn dress! i want a maxi too.


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