Black and Gold

Mar 31, 2009

(thrifted lace dress, patterned tights, chanel bag, kate spade heels)

Today, I purchased a Kodak Easyshare camera to temporarily replace my Samsung. I got antsy at a mall and bought it. And now I have buyer's remorse. The quality of the pictures is baad. Thank god for ebay. But it's not absolutely true that "what you pay is what you get" in cameras.

Oh my..

Mar 27, 2009

Scarlett Johansson for French Vogue

Hussein Chalayan vs Lady Gaga

Cindy Crawford for Allure and Victoria Beckham for Armani

"Skin Clothes" taken by photographer nicole Tran Ba Vang

pixie geldof for agent provocateur

All images from

Yummy eye candy

Mar 26, 2009

Some eye candy (and I don't mean THAT eye candy) for us to feast our eyes on. For a jewelryhag like me, this is heaven *sigh*. I would definitely make it my mission to see some of these pieces from Dior Joallerie IRL. This collection is just stunning. See incroyables et marveilluses in all its splendor:

Images from source and source.

Btw, I broke my camera. Trying to console myself with these images. It took a sad tumble :(


Mar 24, 2009

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Gladiator flats by BOK
Dog: Sandy aka the pink nosed dog


Mar 23, 2009

The way the sun is beating down, I feel like I couldn't survive summer. But thank goodness there's an excuse for bare skin, swimsuits, short shorts and how can I forget? Maxi dressses of course! It seems like this piece of clothing is now among the must haves for summer (well for me that is, I know this have been worn to death last year). I love the fact that its bright color make it casual and you can wear it in the day for some shopping or glam it up for a dinner date. So far I have now two maxis and this one is the more colorful of them with the blue print foliage. Paired this one with gladiator sandals ( a last year must have too but I love them), multi colored bangles and wood bead earrings.

In my dreams..

Mar 21, 2009

Let's do a little royal watching, shall we? Since I was a kid, I devoured Hello magazine for pictures of royalty. Isn't it every girls dream to be taken by a prince and have a happily ever after? Well, If I were going to be a princess, I'd better take a long and hard look at my potential wedding dress because I would be forever remembered in it. Remember Princess Grace of Monaco. She was the perfect bride and with the help of MGM's costume designer, her dress became immortalized:

image via:
Another iconic dress is of Princess Diana. Her dress was copied a thousand times and it was rumored that Mariah Carey had a wedding dress similar to hers when she wed Tommy Mottola:

image via:

image via:
Princess Mary of Denmark is an inspiration for modern times, proving that a commoner can become a princess. She had a very simple wedding gown but her radiant beauty made the gown more royal.

Image via

Lastly, I found this wedding dress as the loveliest of them all. Created by Christian Dior for the second wife of the Shah of Iran, Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari is an intriguing figure. I found it sad that she was divoced after seven years for failing to produce an heir. Farah Diba suceeded her.


Mar 19, 2009

Kahel means orange, either the color or the fruit itself. Funny how at different languages, the word orange will always mean the fruit AND the color. Now, I don't have much of orange in my wardrobe but when I saw this dress, I didn't let go of it. I found this at a bargain center and it was the only piece they have on sale. The dress makes me want to run off to the beach (it's only an hour from where I live or two hours if you want to do some surfing). I also love the fact that I made use of the wooden and shell accesories I have bought during the start of summer.
On another note, I have to stop looking at the camera when taking my self-portrait. My pictures in my blog look like a scrapbook I think. Of me haha.

Dress: Ysa
Shoes: Naturalizer
Accessories: Local artisans

Upping the ante

Mar 18, 2009

Last weekend was a dear friend's birthday and she is turning 26. Upon completing a customer profile at a store, we realized, quite sadly, that we have to tick the second age bracket. It dawned on us suddenly that we are not the youngest girl on the dance floor. When we went out that night for drinks at Fiama, the place was full of 16 year old girls in short short minis while we quietly sipped our vodkas. We were dresses quite conservatively somehow, me in my green Pucci and my friend in a little black dress. She suddenly complained: "I knew we had to dress sl*ttshly tonight".

Well, what were we doing when we were 16? We didn't go to clubs, we were holed up in our dorm rooms trying to study. It was only during our very early 20's that we went out. But that was also because of the financial freedom brought on by jobs. We could now afford to go out and be dressed to the nines but we also have to up the ante because kids nowadays grow up faster and they have the advantage of youth. I remember when I was in my teens that I could go on having an all-nighter without having under eye circles or no matter how I forget to wash my face before going to bed, it would still have this radiance that only teens have. *Big Sigh*

Enough of the backstory, quite long isn't it? My friend browsed my camera and pointed out, "you should have worn this":

The dress is from local label Plain and Prints and I originally bought this for my birthday last October. I thought it was quite too much for a bday lunch and I haven't really found the occasion to wear this to. The shape and fit is quite nice but the tulip shaped bottom makes it a little hard to wear without looking bottom heavy. Bah, what am I complaining about. I have no hips! lol.

Adorable Adora

Mar 17, 2009

I've always loved shopping at Adora and I keep coming back. So far I have bought a bikini from Salinas, a men's polo from Thai brand CPS and a capiz bangle that is locally made. These pictures speak for themselves at how luxurious shopping can be. But don't let the interiors fool you, they carry high end brands as well as affordable ones. They have Marni, Chloe, Givenchy, D & G, Narciso Rodriguez and Missoni. I considered fitting a beautiful Narciso Rodriguez dress but was afraid I'd rip it lol.

(photo from

There is also a little coffee shop tucked inside which offers light snacks like salad and pastries. The banana cheesecake I tried is just divine and the cappuccino is excellent. Plus, dining in these interiors makes you feel like a pampered princess.

The fitting rooms are also beautiful and I covet the jacquard panelings.

The mirrored bathroom. I haven't been here but it sure looks nice

(photos from

(photo from real living)

Last Sunday, I went there with one of my best friends and I forgot how much fun shopping can be with a friend. She is a makeup addict and persuaded me to try Becca, a line of cosmetics from Australia. I read that their foundations and primers are superb but my friend said that I should try this pencil eyeshadow with eyeliner in a beautiful shade.

Going up the third floor, we saw their denim section and it was on sale! I tried on Cheap Monday jeans which is famous for their tight fit. When I tried it on, I was jumping to fit the jeans and I swear, they can hear the thump thump haha. So I tried on a bigger size and all went well. Its quite affordable for its quality and is proof that Adora carries the best brands not only for their price and hype but also for their quality.

They also have the best sales staff and service. They are not snooty and are very pleasant which completes an excellent shopping experience. When I requested a makeup demo, their makeup artist was not available but they got my details and promised to call me to set an appointment. Which they did promptly the following day. So how's that for service?


(photo from

I've always loved this dress from the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection '09 with its "watercolor-like" hues and the simplicity of the cut. Perfect for lounging areound beach hotels and summer dates. So now that summer is here, I set out to find and create an "LV cruise collection inspired dress".

I found the fabric at a fabric store my mom frequents and it definitely caught my eye with its bright prints and silky sheen. I copied the V-neck of the LV dress since it flatters the most too. I made a belt out of the fabric too but opted to accessorize it with a black flower belt that matches most of my outfits now.

On another note, I've been currently obsessed with home interiors and I've been trying my hand in adding some accessories. This unique candle holder I found at the Flower festival looks so nice especially against a neutral background. It's made from metal work and was a steal at 700 pesos (~14 dollars). I'm also looking at some sofas and I'm blown away by the work of Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Visit his site by clicking this link.


Mar 16, 2009

Currently updating the look of my blog. I apologize if the site looks frazzled and all the links are gone. Im still trying to work it out. thanks :)

Ghost Chairs

Mar 12, 2009

Where can I find these chairs? I'd love love to have one.
On another note, how do I change the banner of my blog? Any helpful hints would be very much appreciated. It's been months since I first started blogging but I haven't changed anything yet.

Thrift Shopping

Here in the Philippines, there's a whole culture out there of thrift shopping. Especially for clothes and shoes. Sometimes it becomes a competition with people lining up for goods on the first day. What they do here is that the seller gets your number and sends an SMS when the goods arrive. I tried once to beat the competition by being early 30 mins but all the good dresses were gone! So I usually go back a few days later when the prices are lower and what do you know, sometimes I get lucky! Yesterday, for roughly 800 pesos (~20 dollars), I got 2 shorts, 3 skirts, 3 blouses and one dress. I went home giddy with joy lol. So what I wore last night was this Marc Jacobs kimono (?) blouse I thrifted (hmm, must be my lucky day, it's a very rare occurence you get designer labels). I saw this hanging on the rack for months now. I guess the loose shape makes it hard to wear.

blouse - Marc Jacobs

leggings - folded and hung

shoes - SM department store

I only need a headband around my forehead to make it look like im paying a homage to the 80's

Sunny Kaleidoscopes

Mar 10, 2009

I succumbed again to the lure of Pucci.. Sigh. But I do not regret it as they are very, very fun pieces to wear. Plus, the lingerie-like fabric of silk jersey makes it very cool to wear which is very appropriate for summer.

(Emilio Pucci dress, Celine wedges, wood bangles)

Shooting photographs in the sun is great but so hot and sweltering in IRL. Hopefully, I'll be able to wear this dress often so I can make the most of my "investment" lol.


Mar 9, 2009

Every year, the city of Pines celebrate their season of flowers during the month of February. It's a festival with lots of things to do and see. They parade floats full of flowers like this, similar to those of Rose Bowl of California:

Some of the shops selling their wares around the main street. I got shell bangles, wood bracelets and a capiz shell necklace for summer. Affordable too!

Some scenes from my early morning walk.. I went back to the hotel after taking the picture below because my skirt was billowing like crazy from the wind!

Me wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs blue polka dot dress.

Meet my friend, MC, who wore her floppy hat she bought from one of the stalls.

My favorite sandals have broken down along the way so I popped by the nearest mall and got a shoe similar to my worn one. The problem is, the cork wedges were more teetering than my previous one, so I sighed, closed my eyes and bedgrudgingly bought an abaca low heeled sandal. There goes my two month shoe ban. But hey, those doesn't count I think, they were a real fashion emergency ;) lol

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