All black

Feb 2, 2009

I wore an all black ensemble today. If I were in major cities, the monochrome color would be perfectly all right as black is the color of chic. Here, I get some comments like "are you going to a funeral?" LOL. Anyway, black is my bestfriend since I had gone a size up because of the steroids I was taking for my asthma. Tried to buy a wii fit this afternoon but the shopowner jacked up the price as I was about to pay. Boo.

"Frugalista" is a word that is making the rounds in these times of recession. It is defined as a "person who lives a frugal lifestyle but stay fashionable and healthy by swapping clothes, buying secondhand etc". I myself had cut back on spending on designer clothing. I haven't bought a Pucci and all of my dresses as of late are thrifted. I'm letting go of some dresses that don't fit me anymore by selling it on ebay. This Chloe and Catherine Malandrino dresses look beautiful but they just sit on my closet and I had a hard time letting go of them:

I'm sorry for the layout, I'll make a nicer one on my next posts.

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