Looking forward

Feb 28, 2009

Looking forward to some major rest and relaxation this weekend. Have a nice one guys!

Summer's here!

Feb 23, 2009

You know summer's here when you feel hot in your LBD 5 mins after you've put it on. So I took out my Gucci (RST 2009) dress which seems so appropriate for summer:

The sea shell print and the orange colors seem to scream summer don't you think? It would be nice to wear this at a beach party/wedding.

The back has the sea shell/floral print as well.

Worn with my tricolor bracelet I picked up at the local fair and my chanel pendant (not pictured). So how do I fare against the runway look (of course i can not, whatever i do, blessed with long legs hahaha, *how i wish*) ?

(photo from style.com)


Feb 15, 2009

The dress and the ballet flats are pretty to look at when I bought them but they're kind of impractical to wear. I'm afraid to dirty the ballet flats when I go out but thanks to scotch gard, I might be able to use this soon. The flowers are from valentine's. It seems the bf knows me well in presenting me a boquet of pastel colored flowers rather than the typical red roses.
Have a good weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2009

Wishing everyone a Happy Heart's Day all year round!

Pucci Prints

Feb 13, 2009

Pucci's are extremely photogenic aren't they? The pictures are kind of blurry because they were shot with my cellphone camera. They would've turned better if I used my samsung camera.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Feb 11, 2009

We're ditching the whole fine dining-red roses-jewelry gift part of valentine's. . We decided to gift each other something simple and thoughtful, something one of us might wear everyday and bring "happiness" when we use it. For him, I' d probably give him loads of pens to use because he is a law student. Come to think of it, I saw a Prada pencil case in a magazine. But, nah, he won't get it and might get sticker-shock! He's a little off-kilter when it comes to gift giving so I told him several options of what to buy for me this valentine's:

Bamboo robe by Natori from vivre.com . I wanted an alternate robe from my flannel ones and I realy wrap myself in it when I'm feeling tired or low or just enjoying SATC reruns.


This bejewelled headbands from Jennifer Behr are so gorgeous. It turns out that some of Blair's headbands (Gossip Girl) were from this site. I want one! I wear headbands almost everyday so this would be (I think hehe) a practical gift. But these are over 200 dollars each so I might just as well forget it (we're not spending lots here, if this were real gemstones then maybe..).

Last year, my bf gave me this beautiful butterfly ring from Panopio Jewellery that looks like it was perched on your finger. Mine was mounted with blue sapphires and everyone remarked how pretty it was. So there begun my love affair with jewels.

How the Luxury Consumer will Spend in 2009

Feb 6, 2009

I'd like to share this article from Forbes.com:

How the Luxury Consumer will Spend in 2009
Lauren Sherman

Coach better watch its back.

Though the company's seasonal $400 purses fueled its success in the 2008 fiscal year, which ended June 28, 2008 (net sales increased by 22%, from $2.61 billion in 2007 to $3.18 billion in 2008), shoppers today are rethinking their spending. Instead of buying several, lower-priced trendy items like Coach (nyse:
COH - news - people ) bags, shoppers will spend on a single, longer-lasting luxury good from Hermes or Chanel, whose handbags run into the thousands of dollars.

Sure enough, on Jan. 11, 2009, Coach announced that it's 2009 second-quarter same-store sales in North America--which included numbers from the holiday season--were down 13% from the same quarter in 2008.

Wealthy consumers will spend, but differently than before. Exclusivity will be embraced as will quality and dependability. What's more, luxury brands will begin offering discounts and incentives--something many have never done before.
"The days of shopping 'til you drop are over," says David Lamb, chief strategic officer at diamond giant De Beers, which, with London-based market research firm Ledbury Research, recently examined the changing demands of the high-net-worth customer. "Instead of seeking out novelty, they're exploring authenticity," he says. "In this kind of economic climate, you literally can't afford to make a mistake."

To read the full article, click this link forbes.com

All black

Feb 2, 2009

I wore an all black ensemble today. If I were in major cities, the monochrome color would be perfectly all right as black is the color of chic. Here, I get some comments like "are you going to a funeral?" LOL. Anyway, black is my bestfriend since I had gone a size up because of the steroids I was taking for my asthma. Tried to buy a wii fit this afternoon but the shopowner jacked up the price as I was about to pay. Boo.

"Frugalista" is a word that is making the rounds in these times of recession. It is defined as a "person who lives a frugal lifestyle but stay fashionable and healthy by swapping clothes, buying secondhand etc". I myself had cut back on spending on designer clothing. I haven't bought a Pucci and all of my dresses as of late are thrifted. I'm letting go of some dresses that don't fit me anymore by selling it on ebay. This Chloe and Catherine Malandrino dresses look beautiful but they just sit on my closet and I had a hard time letting go of them:

I'm sorry for the layout, I'll make a nicer one on my next posts.

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