Jan 1, 2009

2009 is here! Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead of us. Well, it's that time of the year where everyone makes some new year's resolution. Mine is nothing so drastic but as they say, changes are sometimes very hard to make.

1. Spend on fashion more wisely. While a shopping spree on a mass produced clothing store can be quite fun, I think it's time to invest on quality rather than quantity. Classic pieces like white shirts, a pair of good jeans, some quality pearl ( or diamonds for the more wealthy) earrings and a good quality durable bag. For me, this would be the hardest resolution to make as I am an impulsive shopper. I see and I buy haha. But time for a fresh start and the money could be spent on something more important (what? where? ) or put in a bank. All of this pieces I have to buy first, I admit, as my closet is full of trendy pieces that are too much memorable to be worn again and again. I resolve to save and buy maybe a longchamp shopper's tote or a louis vuitton neverfull (i gotta start saving for this aack!) so I can, at least, have ONE good bag that will last me through the years.

2. Start taking care of my health, eat healthily and sleep early. I was hospitalized this month and the experience is not altogether nice. Also, i got sticker shock from my hospital bill. I could have bought a laptop or an LV bag :) Prevention rather than cure everyone.

3. Travel.

4. Learn to let go of stuff and sell them on ebay.

So what did you wear to ring in the new year? I wore my Pucci so I can have more this year (haha, invest!) Happy new year to all!

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