Dress to Rush

Nov 27, 2008

This is what I wore yesterday at my bf's birthday dinner. Would you believe that I bought this just 30 minutes before the agreed time? Fortunately, the inn has some rows of boutique alongside it and grabbed the nearest decent dress I could find. Here's the backstory: since it's the bf's choice of restaurant, I didn't expect we'd be somewhere fancy. Boys don't choose ambiance, they choose whatever restaurant can serve them heaps and heaps of food. Sigh. So I dutifully packed a Marc Jacobs top and jeans only to rush at the last minute, especially when his text informed me that he's bringing his friends (all male). Gotta look your prettiest right? As you can see from the photo, I should have worn some tummy control haha. I twisted my hair into a bun at least 20 minutes before to create some curls and they did nicely I must say. At least the bag and shoes I brought with me can be paired off with anything. This pair of Kate Spade peeptoes have been so durable, I swear by it. Comfy too.

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