Thrift finds

Oct 12, 2008

I was really late for an appointment finding the right outfit. Dress or jeans? Heels or flats? My room looked like a battlefield of clothes already. And since I cancelled already, I decided to go thrift shopping to fatten my closet and ease the guilt.

First dress, an 80's vintage dress. I love, love the color. Such a nice pink and sophisticated at the same time. The belt has a gold leaf design and the skirt electrically pleated.

This dress has a very thin skirt, almost like its an under wear. It's perfect for the hot weather here. I will just have to wear something underneath the skirt to prevent it from looking obscene.

Third dress is has a hood at the back but has crochet details on the front to soften the look. Very versatile. Now if i can only find something black to wear underneath it to keep the crochet details from peeking my front heehe.

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