Sale Season

Oct 18, 2008

t's the pre-christmas sale season and my heart is a-fluttering! I haven't found the perfect dress yet to wear on my birthday next week.I'm kinda thinking that what you wear that day wil generally set the mood of your whole year (hehe, foolish me). This Prada dress im eyeing for such a long time has only a size 2 left. Poor me. Where have all the sizes 4 gone?


So i have an excuse for going to the sale season. Tomorrow is Sunday, the last day of the sale. Im going to a mountain city where they have a popular mall chain and hope i can find something there. My salvation now rests in the Red Tag boutique where they have a clearance sale on Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange, Jessica and Nine West shoes. Red Tag, do you have something for me? :) If not, then will have to settle with this (also Prada) dress that is colorblock. The only thing I'm hesitating about is its fabric, rayon, which is not exactly cool on your skin. An uncomfortable dress ruins everything i think.

What do you think? Give this dress a go?

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