Birthday Gifts

Oct 23, 2008

I haven't actually received tons, just one, very special one. People really do try giving you gifts that reflect what you're most deliriously happy about. In the bf's case, he bought me an earring and necklace set with crystals. Aww. He really thinks I am a jewelryhag more than anything else haha. I haven't took photos yet but it's cute.

MY gift for myself consisted of two bottles to be exact. We went to the mall after my birthday lunch to pick up some things and I passed by the perfume counter and cha ching! Perfumes!

The perfume on the blue box is Tartine et Chocolat by Givenchy. It is originally marketed to (rich) children and is presently found on upscale children's boutique. It was supposedly a very hard fragrance to find. I actually saw this during the weekend sale but i was in a hurry to get home. Tsk, when something nice goes on sale, grab it hehe. So when I bought this, I paid full price (silly me). The perfume has this citrusy and powdery scent that is great for everyday. If I ever have children, I'd douse them with this perfume.

The perfume on the orange box is Mandarin Jasmine by The Gap. It was on sale at 40% off so i tried sniffing some. I thought immediately of buying it but two perfumes seem indulgent noh? Upon meeting up with my grandma, she commented that it was very fragrant and it really seemed to stick to my skin. I have a problem with scents sticking on my skin, they seem to evaporate after minutes. So I went back and it was true love. Jewelry+Perfume= a very happy girl. And this is what I wore today:

Thrifted dress and Nine west shoes. Don't mind the hair please

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