December wedding

Dec 21, 2008

It's been such a long time since my last post. Things have been so hectic and I was rushed to the hospital and all due to my worsening asthma. The holidays are really here and the stress took a toll on me. Anyway, i was a bridesmaid yesterday to my cousin's wedding. Just wanna share some pictures of the happy event. This is one of the happiest weddings I've attended and both the groom and the bride's family mingled well. As for the bride, she is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen and her gown was the utmost in chic. She looked liked a spanish senorita.

Hmm, I removed my corset after the church ceremony, there goes the tummy bulge again haha. The corset was killing me after two hours in the church. Better get myself some Spanx already.

Something to get excited about

Dec 3, 2008

Im soooo excited! My dresses are here finally. I'm just waiting for it to arrive via mail here in my address in a far flung place lol. Can you guess from which collections are these?

From top to bottom: Gucci, Chanel and Pucci. The first two ones are from the 2009 Summer/Spring Collection. I'm not sure about the Pucci but they told me it's also from the current collection. The Chanel dress was shown in the recent fashion show where the facade was the Chanel house. Don't they all look great? Super excited to try all of this. Will show pics when they arrive tomorrow. Yay!

Dress to Rush

Nov 27, 2008

This is what I wore yesterday at my bf's birthday dinner. Would you believe that I bought this just 30 minutes before the agreed time? Fortunately, the inn has some rows of boutique alongside it and grabbed the nearest decent dress I could find. Here's the backstory: since it's the bf's choice of restaurant, I didn't expect we'd be somewhere fancy. Boys don't choose ambiance, they choose whatever restaurant can serve them heaps and heaps of food. Sigh. So I dutifully packed a Marc Jacobs top and jeans only to rush at the last minute, especially when his text informed me that he's bringing his friends (all male). Gotta look your prettiest right? As you can see from the photo, I should have worn some tummy control haha. I twisted my hair into a bun at least 20 minutes before to create some curls and they did nicely I must say. At least the bag and shoes I brought with me can be paired off with anything. This pair of Kate Spade peeptoes have been so durable, I swear by it. Comfy too.

Cruise Collection

Nov 25, 2008

A snapshot i took of Preview magazine's feature on the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection in collaboration with artist Tanya Ling. Aren't the colors gorgeous? Reminds me of cotton candies and beach resort chic. Makes me want to go to a fabric store and have a dress made inspired by the dress on the upper leftmost.

Jewelry Pickings

Nov 22, 2008

Some jewelry emailed to me over the past few days to look over. Soo tempting and they are all so elegant. All photos are courtesy of BeaP and if you want to take a look at her online store, just click on the link. Her jewelry pieces range from jaw-dropping to just simply beautiful and I can feel an addiction whenever there's something new.

(South Sea Pearl Earrings)

(green quartz ring)

The ring on top is this beautiful quartz ring I first saw last Tuesday. Well, I took so long deciding whether to get it that another person bought this first. Too large for my finger though. But I think this is what magazines called "statement jewelry".

Shoe Love

Oh my, my heart just left my chest. This pair of Louboutins are just absolutely gorgeous! Definitely not for dancing or walking in some cobble stoned driveway but for those romantic dates and Saturday nights where you go to be seen and see. There are other colors available but this one does it for me. I read in a W magazine article that Christian Louboutin offers a robin's egg blue sole service for brides. Definitely something to try when i get married. Gotta start saving now lol.

Vintage Chanel

Nov 20, 2008

This Chanel pendant was once a pair of earrings I wore to my Miss Sophomore parade ( eons ago). This was given to me by an Aunt when I was a child and I hoarded it to myself because I saw the Chanel ads in the pages of Vogue. Sadly, due to numerous renovations and carelessness, the other pair was gone and this become detached. I strung a gold chain into it and voila! A new life for a vintage Chanel earring. It has a quilted raised background like the ones used in Chanel bags and the interlocking C's. It's quite heavy, in fact, I wonder how I managed to wear this during a parade and program as earrings.

what i wore today

Nov 17, 2008

Vintage knit dress with crochet neckline embelished with little pearls found at a vintage store.

Lusting after Chanel

Nov 12, 2008

I was bored so I watched some of the Spring/Summer 2009 Collections on youtube. When I watched the Chanel S/S 2009, I instantly fell in love. Well, everyone talked about the bags including the Chanel paper bag. But let's not go there because I can not afford Chanel bags at the moment (teehee).

This multi colored necklace worn by one of the models caught my eye and it is so beautiful and dainty, I *heart* it!


This led me thinking i could maybe recreate something like this out of flower brooches. Hmm.

One of the trademarks of Chanel are bows and I am a girl who loves them bows. But not too many please. I prefer it only in black or white.


Two toned stockings that are ridiculously sexy. Not too hot about the maribou feather shoes though.


The details on this dress is just amazing. Maybe someday, I can have a Chanel evening dress to go to parties. Hey, it's free to dream, right?


New Purchases

Remember the Prada Rayon dress I posted here sometime ago? It went on sale and I just had to make a home for it in my closet.

When i had friends over, i had them snap me on my cellphone camera and this was the result:

Of course, the model looked more curvier in it because she's way thinner than I am but the colorblock panels actually sculpted the body and created the illusion of a curvier waistline. Now that's something to be happy about.

Amethyst love

Nov 7, 2008

I take this out of its box whenever I feel low. Its purple color uplifts me as well as the peridots surrounding it. And the thought that their value increases over time uplifts me as well (teehee).

Breakfast view

Nov 2, 2008

Pucci craze

Nov 1, 2008

I recently purchased a pucci dress and knowing that it's pucci made me close my eyes and open my wallet. Sigh. I know, it's not cheap, my lower IQ dominated me here but i had no regrets when the shipment arrived. My dress looked like this, only with longer sleeves.

Well, it turned out to be very nice indeed and the fabric is just to die for. I tried it on and it looked ok except for the bust part, i kind of looked busty in it. The silk jersey really clings to your body and i need some body lingerie over it to make it look really smooth and not bulgy i might add (hehe). If funds permit, I might just be able to purchase moi another pucci (and i swear that will be the last!). After all, pucci's can be handed down as they are fashion classics. What do you guys think of this dress?

Cult Bag

Oct 26, 2008

I found this video on youtube and it shows what goes on at the atelier hermes where they make those 10,000 (gasp!) bags. I tell you, i'm falling in love with them already. New criteria for PH's out there (prospective husband, as borrowed from the book, Bergdorf Blondes), he must be able to buy me this bag, haha. Just joking of course guys, lest you think i'm a very selfish girl.

"It's not a bag, it's a Birkin"

Birthday Gifts

Oct 23, 2008

I haven't actually received tons, just one, very special one. People really do try giving you gifts that reflect what you're most deliriously happy about. In the bf's case, he bought me an earring and necklace set with crystals. Aww. He really thinks I am a jewelryhag more than anything else haha. I haven't took photos yet but it's cute.

MY gift for myself consisted of two bottles to be exact. We went to the mall after my birthday lunch to pick up some things and I passed by the perfume counter and cha ching! Perfumes!

The perfume on the blue box is Tartine et Chocolat by Givenchy. It is originally marketed to (rich) children and is presently found on upscale children's boutique. It was supposedly a very hard fragrance to find. I actually saw this during the weekend sale but i was in a hurry to get home. Tsk, when something nice goes on sale, grab it hehe. So when I bought this, I paid full price (silly me). The perfume has this citrusy and powdery scent that is great for everyday. If I ever have children, I'd douse them with this perfume.

The perfume on the orange box is Mandarin Jasmine by The Gap. It was on sale at 40% off so i tried sniffing some. I thought immediately of buying it but two perfumes seem indulgent noh? Upon meeting up with my grandma, she commented that it was very fragrant and it really seemed to stick to my skin. I have a problem with scents sticking on my skin, they seem to evaporate after minutes. So I went back and it was true love. Jewelry+Perfume= a very happy girl. And this is what I wore today:

Thrifted dress and Nine west shoes. Don't mind the hair please

What i shopped recently

Oct 22, 2008

I went to the sale season and it was crazy! Who said there was a recession? People were snatching products left and right and you could barely walk without bumping into another person.

Anyway, I went up to the third floor where things are saner. Went to red tag and they had new nine west stocks! and look at what i found:

Isn't it cute? I've been looking for a pair like this in ages and all was in black. Which is't exactly what you need when you don't have long legs (heehee). Anyway, when I tried this on, the color blended right into my skin tone and they're surprisingly comfortable.

I found also this Stella Mccartney dress which looks deceptively simple in front:

Sorry, it's kinda wrinkled. But the back of the dress has surprises in store:

You can't see it from the picture but the ruffles drape gracefully in your back. Very dramatic. I don't know whether to wear it today, it's my birthday (hehe) but it's a wee bit formalish for here where I live. Will post pics if ever.


Oct 18, 2008

Goodness, just when i am all in a tizzy finding the right curtains for the house for the holiday season, this pictures came and i love it:


I am so inspired! and a bit jealous too. Who knew lilac could be so nice and not cloying to look at? Will definitely buy new curtains and bedsheets. Jessica Stam, you have a good decorator

Sale Season

t's the pre-christmas sale season and my heart is a-fluttering! I haven't found the perfect dress yet to wear on my birthday next week.I'm kinda thinking that what you wear that day wil generally set the mood of your whole year (hehe, foolish me). This Prada dress im eyeing for such a long time has only a size 2 left. Poor me. Where have all the sizes 4 gone?


So i have an excuse for going to the sale season. Tomorrow is Sunday, the last day of the sale. Im going to a mountain city where they have a popular mall chain and hope i can find something there. My salvation now rests in the Red Tag boutique where they have a clearance sale on Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange, Jessica and Nine West shoes. Red Tag, do you have something for me? :) If not, then will have to settle with this (also Prada) dress that is colorblock. The only thing I'm hesitating about is its fabric, rayon, which is not exactly cool on your skin. An uncomfortable dress ruins everything i think.

What do you think? Give this dress a go?

Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Oct 16, 2008

We drove around after eating dinner, looking for a place to just lounge by and drink a glass of wine or two. We tried to go on this former airbase which is now a beautiful hotel (Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point) that was patterned after Santorini, Greece. And boy, it was such an amazing hotel that I am planning to go back as soon as I got home. And the nice thing is, it's just two hours from where I live.

The Lobby of the hotel with its big dome like the ones found in Santorini

The Santorini Lounge Bar. It looks so much better in real life, promise

Since we went there after a huge dinner from midway grill, we had the house wine and the panna cotta. Nicely plated and delicious too. It was night so we didn't see the vista,but we were dining in this huge terrace overlooking the sea. Maybe I'll go back and see, it must be incredibly amazing to dine there in sunlight.

And this is what I wore. Since it's beach country, flip flops are de rigeur and I had hesitations at first because the hotel might have a dress code. But it was all casual chic/formal beach chic there, the older set having this summery dresses with killer shoes. If you are driving through La Union, I highly recommend you to at least dine there.

(Thrifted dress, Burberry Scarf, Nine West bag, Havaianas)

A lovely vacation

My weekday vacation started out with a rainy day. Nonetheless, I proceeded to drive to the surfing capital of the north to have some rest and relaxation. Not that surfing is relaxing, it's hard on the chests really, but just being in the beach restored my spirits.

BTW, the girl is not me hehe. This is the terrace overlooking the sea where you could order drinks and food. Very nice area to lounge in.

Clubhouse sandwiches with fries for a post surf snack. The fries are superb.

The observation deck is in the far left while umbrellas shield you from the sun while one can watch the more advanced surfers at the beach in front.

Another day

Oct 13, 2008

It's monday and there are tons of work and errands to do. I need a dress that would take me from a very casual setting like my work place and can also take me respectably, let's say, like a bank. The obvious dress for me would be one that would be color black, very easy to mix and match with accessories and shoes and bags and whatever.

Note to self: should buy a digital camera! . My pictures from my phone are really bad and crappy.

please ignore the face hehee :) too busy wondering of the dress look good. now what i like about this dress is the collar. One can wear it in three different ways to make it look different. Bang for your buck huh?

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